About Kelsey

In everything I do, I believe in teaching people to discover their natural genius so that they go beyond the status quo and create a better future.

Hi, my name is Kelsey Ruger, and I create products people love. While technology and design are a part of my passion for creating, I’m also a writer, psychology geek, design thinker, observer of all things interesting and a lover of the things that make each of us unique.the-kenzies

This site is my personal journal and the result of my curiosity about what makes the world work and why. It’s my personal way of sharing my process of discovering new sources creativity, ingenuity,wisdom  and how they impact our personal and professional lives.

Kenzie Creative is inspired by two principles. One, my belief that creativity is a skill that can be learned and improved regardless of your role, background or artistic talents. Two, the idea that you can combine knowledge and insights from different disciplines to build new and better ideas.

Why Should You Read What I Write?

Even though I am a bit of a geek and will give you lots of background information on my favorite topics, this blog is not intended to be academic. It’s my “dent in the universe” with ideas from science, psychology, design, anthropology, technology, marketing, and leadership designed to enrich our knowledge pool and provide ideas that help us focus on the things that matter most when looking for the answer to how to live and work well.

I am passionate about sharing new ideas and unique perspectives that leave you with simple, practical tools to make great things happen. I have a passion for storytelling and love using stories to make connections that people can understand and connect with.

What Do You Do?

Some people consider me a designer; others consider me a developer, and still others consider me a marketer. I don’t like labels. Labels make people comfortable, but they don’t represent why I do what I do. I love solving problems big and small.

What Work Have You Done?

You can find the painful detail about me on Linkedin, but the short version is: I’ve been working in technology and design most of my life and the last 19 years professionally. Most of my experience in consumer and small business products and services. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of building award-winning products that have been used by more than 5,000,000 people around the world. I’ve worked for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies primarily in software development, user experience design or marketing roles.

I love speaking to audiences about the things I have learned along the way. My presentations on Slideshare have received nearly 2,000,000 views. I earned my B.A in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston, was named one of Houston’s 40 under 40 in 2012 by the Houston Business Journal, and am a three-time SXSW Web Award finalist.